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The Iranian dispora is one of the most successful and established communities in business, however has been historically fragmented. Anjoman was founded to change that.

We are a non-profit democratic non-political society. We are financed principally through membership subscriptions, sponsorships and donations by members.

Our platform provides Iranians in the UK and friends of our community a forum to create relationships, deepen ties and create new business opportunities.

We believe this mission is worth pursuing beyond the benefits of networking. The prevailing narrative about our community cannot be determined by political news stories but should be driven by our contributions to society. By getting together as a group we can amplify our impact beyond our individual actions.

Another reason for our existence is to further the success of our community as a whole. Younger generations of Iranians can benefit enormously from mentorship and guidance from established business leaders. Giving back to the community this way is not only rewarding but also allows us to pass on our cultural values from one generation to the next.

The cornerstone of Anjoman activities consists of regular events during which we invite distinguished speakers who are leaders and experts in their respective fields to share their insights. Our events have attracted several hundred participants and are open to both members and non-members.

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