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About Anjoman

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The British Iranian Business and Professional Society, also referred to as Anjoman, was established in June 1996 by a group of Iranian professionals based in London - England.

The object of Anjoman is to promote and enhance the public profile of the British-Iranians engaged in various businesses or professions, and to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information as well as to facilitate networking opportunities amongst its members and other interested parties.

Anjoman is a democratic, non-political society that operates strictly within the confines of its Constitution. The society is membership-based and managed by an honorary Board of Management chosen on the basis of a "one member one vote" electoral process. Each Board serves for a period of two years.

Anjoman is non-profit making and financed principally through membership subscriptions, sponsorships and donations by members and friends of the society.

The cornerstone of Anjoman activities consists of regular Monthly Meetings during which speakers or a panel of experts are invited to make presentations to the participants on important topical and interesting subjects. The speakers are distinguished leaders and experts in their relevant fields and are drawn from both within the Anjoman network and from outside. The Monthly Meetings are open to all interested parties where dinner is served and the participants have the opportunity to share news and views on their activities.

Anjoman also has a social calendar consisting mainly of celebrations of the Christian New Year and the Iranian New Year. The events are organized to provide a relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere and have become very successful amongst the British-Iranian community, regularly attracting several hundred participants. The events also provide an opportunity for Anjoman to engage in some fundraising activity.

Participation, principally through membership, is of fundamental importance to Anjoman's success. It is through such participation that Anjoman's influence and credibility has consistently grown over the past few years. Our aim is to build upon Anjoman's past success and, through the encouragement of greater participation by members and non-members alike, attain ever greater recognition for the British-Iranian community in the United Kingdom.


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